The Doctrine of Jesus Christ as the Only-Begotten Son of God is The Doctrine of The Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.
We’re learning that to let go of death in the image we hold of Christ.
We’ve suffered enough in the last 2,000 years and since time began. We honored the Piscean Age in its message of the Messiah which our Father sent to Know Ourselves in Him Forever.
our acting out of every true and false thing about our doctrine all go through our final healing when we forget that Christ already suffered for us

So much is unresolved in the Christ as punishment, sin, sacrifice, torture, death..It’s no stroll through the park visiting all the dark corners.
It is here that we Heal. It is here that we Listen to Jesus, Listen to His Sweet Voice Keeping His Promise. We’ve had 2,000 years to make up our minds!
We’ve all been through this before and remember that we didn’t forget. We’ve always been with Him as He has always been with us. There was never a time we were not with Him.
I try to take an opportunity when I can to explain to Bible-quoters any number of scripture references to such things as you mentioned or the seeming endless arguments to be had against or fears, or suspicions around such things, for they’ve all been said, in every language since time began perhaps, and we were gazing at the stars. And because I feel I’m an old soul, I’ll put it out there as best I can. (But I also profess to really know nothing at all. 
It is for each individual as you feel within.
Honor that in you which says yes or no. We are not all led towards the same beliefs about things in science and religion. We can have the same one goal, to Know God, to find God, to find answers to our existence. There are countless mysteries, mathematics, geometry and calculations involved in any arts of Seership, Prophecy, intuition, psychic abilities, which go beyond man’s perceptions and just all simply come to faith in what is most true. Science and faith and religion all add up if you let them. (There is ‘nothing’ outside of us and God is within.)
Time and patience and willingness to learn and grow and release each layer of limitation in your life is the key for the reader and the readee..
To be safe in a box is where most of us live.
But whenever you get a prompting of the still small voice of ‘anything’ that calls you to life, you go. It could be to take up a musical instrument or any number of messages from your heart or the knowing part of you that wants to trust what the Holy Spirit is telling you.
Pure scientists go the route of complex numbers in all things. There is a science to who we are and where we came from and all that’s around us. Intelligence, art and science belong to Spirit. Our communication link is through such gifts. And so is Divination and Sight.
When we hear a calling of whatever nature which has not fear, we must listen or remain in our boxes of ignorance. It takes leaps of faith and with any practice of any type, be it a physician or another, you put your hands and trust in your inner-knowing.
The more one is called to take up the work, the greater the tests, which always help you grow. And we Teach what we Learn, not the other way around as it is in the 3rd dimensional Earth.
God is not limited! And we can only Know Him through each other as each other. That’s where forgiveness is and it’s not magic, it’s the miracle. And it’s the relief!
Be not afraid to let go of pre-conditioned false teachings and control-driven religions which were made in man’s image, not God’s. Do not take the side of any darkness in any of it. If there is fear, honor your fear as it is saying, not yet, no…or for whatever reason Spirit has for you.
But just as I don’t make you wrong for your beliefs, please do not make me so, either. We should not curse each other in any regard. There are simply things we don’t always understand, or we are not led to understand because of the lack of love’s presence somewhere in the mix.
It’s all for all of us to heal illusions which do lead us back to God and allow the unveiling of God’s love for us. We want it to be gentle and the other part of ourselves that has been caught up in time and illusion wants to attack or run away or present some defense.
We keep coming back to the forgiveness in the dream that we shared. We have to.
We all have to learn as we go and there are methods which help us with learning. It’s an age old battle of ignorance, trust, fear, understanding, freedom and imprisonment all bunched into one through what is brought to it.
We come into our time of Awakening now and we question everything. We see and look at what we want to see and what we don’t want to see in knowing we have everything already within The Kingdom of Heaven.
What we don’t want to see is what is in the illusion anyway, and it’s not there. Because what we do want to see can only be Truth which knows no attack, made from the Love that IS. At some level of your being do you feel like this is a special ‘time’ on the Earth and to be alive? There is so much confusion and seeming extremes. And it’s all playing out because we are all equally creative beings.
We belong to God!
And I could answer these questions from here to eternity, but there would be a thousand more tomorrow because fear wants to see what’s not there and Love wants to know itself through it.
Each one is to Love the Lord thy God with all their mind, all their heart and all thy soul and Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added unto you.
I understand Christian thinking on these things to a degree and the Bible is wholly the Life and Teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am down with that! His Power and Brotherly Love to all of us is Ever-Present. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is in everything everywhere for all time.
We don’t even need another Voice, for His Assuredly takes us to where we’re going.
If we take away every word that ever existed and only had His, it would be enough, it would be Everything.
(I Am another, yourself.)


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