Uranus in Aries; brilliant leadership abilities also that astound and bewilder

Uranus in Aries until May 2018

Uranus, now Retrograde all the way through Dec 18th or 19th, when our Sun will conjunct Galactic Center at 26 degrees Sagittarius at that time. It moves in direct motion 8 degrees Aries.

As Uranus moves in forward, or Direct motion in Aries; And weeks before it’s direct motion, many personalities, I expect to be bigger than life, vying for the Spotlight of ‘me first’ with Aries.

“Selfish Activists” will be blowing their horns ..loudly, in political, religious and social streams.

In its detriment, The Ram energy wants to ram right through and has no interest but its own ego in pushing to the head of the line. As expressed by its lower, competitive at all costs drives, it can come out forcefully.

However, The Ram energy coupled with Uranus can show brilliant leadership abilities also that astound and bewilder with ease and strength. Steady concentrated goals in advancing new beginnings and starts can spectacularly rise.

Perhaps even acts of bravery as we have Uranus in Aries with us for a long time until it moves into Taurus in 2018.

Something is trying to get birthed. Aries is always ‘the first’ and wants to give new birth.

The Leadership attributes of Uranus in Aries is more of,
“We’re good to go!”

The ‘selfish-activists’ prefer to take, rather than lead. It’s the blind spot in an ill-effected Aries with Uranus making demands.

Lead by Following your Holy Spirit. It NEVER leaves you.


(more soon..:)

Be comforted, and feel the Holy Spirit watching over you, in love and perfect confidence in what He sees. He knows the Son of God. And shares his Father’s certainty the universe rests in his gentle hands
in safety and in peace.

In LaKech’ (I AM another, yourself.)


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