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Sacred Tzolkin True Count Calendar

In LaKech’


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today is 6 Cib-Vulture

Recluse to your sanity/Running in place sometimes.

Assisting Peace and Harmony

Stabilizing in Healing past fears


August 15, 2013


7 Caban-Earth


Mother Father Earth energy in Harmony.

Assisting Earth Frequency shift

5th Dimensional/The Christ


Friday, 16th of August

8 Etznab-Mirror

 Two-edged knife; peace

I see only myself.

Being in the peace


Saturday, 17th of August

9 Cauac

Clearing, Shedding foolishness

Give Gladly

Snap out of it!



Sunday, 18th of August

10 Ahau-Sun/also known as Son.



Heaven on Earth

New Nature

New Friends who show you who you are.


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