Eternal Joy

ImageI AM


I don’t have to escape to be happy

I AM Eternal Joy


We have to experience and own our Eternal Joy in 3rd dimensional consciousness; that is the Resurrection and the salvation; we Love ALL THAT IS when we awaken.

The Joy is shared because

 Our Creator always Gives as Himself.


In order to do that we forgive everything that we saw that was not there, in the dream we dreamed.

We dreamed fear and shame and guilt were in the dream, when we were lost.

We dreamed of attack and menace and death.

We dreamed we had been forgotten and made something instead in Love’s place.


We dreamed the dream of blame in projecting our own separateness onto others.

There is nothing to be forgiven for what we saw, God did not, He saw only Truth.

We Love All that He Loves in His Creation as His Beloved and Begotten.


And now we join Him again in the reality of home.

We have never left the Kingdom of Heaven.

In Joy, We are Welcome Home Forever!


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