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My Father, Akhenaten

My Beloved Father, Akhenaten


It is time to begin to tell the story of what really occurred during my Father’s Days in Egypt.

I will tell you of what I know, for in reality I was his Beloved daughter. I was not born to Nefertiti but to his secondary wife who was equally as loving to me as a parent. Yes, Akhenaten was a loving family man and never was a day without his Beloved Grace and Joy shed upon us.

It does not matter to me if anyone reading these words choose to accept or deny them, it is just my Blessed Duty to share with you who will listen. And I do thank you for reading my words and taking them in.

As I write of my Blessed Father and re-call his memory, I always shake in my Soul with the power of such truth. This is not fantasy but a continuation of what his Purpose and life was for and about.

Let me begin with how I first became aware of this Truth. Truth needs no defense and will stand on its own. It is Time.

Throughout my life I yearned to be from whence I came. I remembered where I was before I came to Earth. The veils of human karma or life without full awareness in the final lessons which needed to be learned were put in place. My Heavenly Father God Embraced me as a child about six years old and said I would come to understand why I was here. His Omnipotent Presence and Divine Love assured me to carry on.

It wasn’t until past my teenage years and at the age of twenty-one when I came to experience another profound Revelation. This time, I left my body and went to a Paradise World of lush life-giving force which carried me through unto my next Revelation of a Full Kundalini Awakening at twenty-nine years old. My Saturn Return. It was at this time that the Holy Spirit Shekhinah  awakened me unto the still point of Nothing and Everything, every chakra blown wide open in the Pure White Light of Bliss. I did not have a body in that experience though my body was laying there as Witnessed by my Holy friend who had assisted me. The full consciousness was experienced as Infinite Bliss and de-materialization by me.

For many years following that arrival of awareness I sought every means to bring balance into my living on this plane and all the extended planes I was simultaneously residing in. To do this in the Western world and not in a cave contemplating Nirvana was a lifelong task. I had to learn all the lessons of being in the world, but not of it, in one’s daily life. Family members could not relate. Neither could it be explained to their understanding.  Only the Call to God had precedence in its Purpose and my Devotion to His Purpose for me.

And so, let me fast-forward somewhat to what occurred in my Soul memory returning with my life with Akhenaten.

I had sponsored a very special woman from New York to come and present an Initiation into the Legions of Lord Michael in Sedona. This would be for a small group who would learn of Lord Michael and His powerful Legions of sword-wielding Truth. Assisting in this Initiation would be The Divine Hierarchy of Light and Ascended Hosts. It was to be a powerful allegiance to Divine Truth by all participants.   

On the second or third day and into the night I experienced excruciating pain throughout my skull and into my jaws. The pain could be likened to an extreme abscessed tooth but there was no abscess. I was in agony as the facilitator held my head in her lap and tried to comfort me with Divine Rays of Light. As the process continued I became aware of being bludgeoned to death by the dark priests of Amun.

The scene unfolded as I was re-instating the fragmented parts of my skull and its memories in my soul.

My father, Akhenaten and I were in a very large room together. The rest of the family had been sent away, for we knew this was the end and the dark priests were coming for us. They were furious with my father and only their dark bloodlust and black magic would satisfy them, for my father had tried to stop their corruption and greed and perversions.

I wanted to be with my father until the very end. I loved and adored him beyond all measure. Unto this day and every moment do I know my love for my father Akhenaten and his Divine Purpose in Egypt.

We were not huddled together when the priests broke in. We were each standing our own Sovereign ground. They seized each of us and set about to torture me first in front of him, to try to evoke the most anguish from him. My head and skull were bashed in after their torture and then they set about binding my soul with their black magic.

In present time with my facilitator as these scenes passed, I could heal and unbind my soul with Divine assistance. It took several hours to move through that and reconstitute my Self in my Soul memories.  

An additional part to the telling of my story was I had met a couple who were in conscious recollection of their lives in Egypt and were very much like Divine parents to me in a way. The gentleman said he was a re-incarnated aspect of Akhenaten and had just finished writing a Chapter in his book about his favorite daughter, me!

I read the Chapter and wept and shook mightily in my soul’s memory and the power of acknowledgement which was returning to me. We embraced in each other’s arms and wept in the love for one another. To this day, my Soul Knows.

And as I come into full memory I also Know Who my Father was and what he set into motion as part of The Divine Plan for the Coming of Jesus Christ in his first incarnation and my legacy of His Second Coming to be brought forth in the Truth.

This was my Father Akhenaten’s Holy Work in the recognition of the Father God and His Son.

He was the Wayshower which translated into the Hebrew Laws which came far after my father Akhenaten’s hidden demise. The dark priests have been around for a very long time in their attempted control to hide the Truth of Our Heavenly Father and His Creation. They have wanted to bind us to ignorance and darkness for their greed and control of our minds into subservience.

This has come to an end now and thus all the confusion and disruption of the dark in their panicked states. Time, as a concept, is playing out in these final days of their fallen control.

The Second-Coming is a Truth so Glorious as to not be confused with that which is being purged from out-worn ideologies which seek to punish.  Yes, we do see division when we look upon the false. But when we look upon the Truth, Christ has always resided in our hearts, for that is Who we are, Created by God Himself in His Image and Like-Mindedness.  We are all One in God; The Father, The Son, and through The Holy Spirit.

Peace and Joy is Our Father’s Happiness, as it is ours to share with Him.


Here, written in my Father Akhenaten’s own words.

“There is no other who knows you except your son, Akhenaten.” It is the same as uttered by Jesus the Christ 1300 years later. “I AM” said Jesus. “I and my Father are One.”

{*And then you open the Bible to Psalm 104, the great manifesto of God’s all-encompassing power, and read how He created grass for cattle to eat, and trees for birds to nest in, and the sea for ships to sail and fish to swim in:

Bless the Lord . . . you who coverest thyself with light as with a garment . . .
Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters; . . .
He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and . . . the trees
Where the birds make their nests; as for the stork, the fir trees are her house.
The high hills are a refuge for the wild goats; . . .
(As) the sun ariseth, (the beasts) gather themselves together . . .
There go the ships: there is that leviathan (whale), whom thou hast made to play therein.

Among the remains of Amarna culture was found a Hymn to the Aten, purportedly written by Akhenaten himself. It reads:

When the land grows bright and you are risen from the Akhet (horizon) and shining in the sun-disk by day, . . .
All flocks (are) at rest on their grasses, trees and grasses flourishing;
Birds flown from their nest, their wings in adoration of your life-force;
All flocks prancing on foot, all that fly and alight living as you rise for them;
Ships going downstream and upstream too, every road open at your appearance;
Fish on the river leaping to your face, your rays even inside the sea.

The similarity is fairly astounding. Comparing these passages, who could argue against some form of cultural exchange moving from Egypt to Israel—and, given the chronology, one must suppose the sharing took place in that direction—how can we avoid the conclusion that the ancient Hebrew who wrote Psalm 104 has somehow borrowed from Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Aten?

With that, the realization begins to dawn that answers to the great question about the origins of Hebrew monotheism are not going to come swiftly or easily. How did a Hebrew psalmist’s eyes—or ears?—ever pass near a banned Egyptian hymn? While the psalm is hardly a verbatim copy of its Amarna model, the likeness of these songs, especially in their imagery and the order in which the images come, argues forcefully for some sort of Egypt-to-Palestine contact, however indirect.

And if there is contact there, why not elsewhere? But if we imagine an invisible turnpike of some sort running between Akhetaten and ancient Jerusalem, what are we really creating: a history or a novel? And by doing so, are we not at risk of saying more about ourselves than the odd, beguiling world Akhenaten built, whose slanted light still shines from beneath sand and stone and scripture? Historiai, you’ll remember, means “questions,” and that is exactly what the history of Akhenaten leaves behind. }

{*Brackets are used to identify USU 1320: History and Civilization; Copyright by Damen,2013}

{Akhenaten and Monotheism}

P.S. To any interested Publishers who may want to support a book on My Father, Akhenaten, Please contact me. Thank You.


6 thoughts on “My Father, Akhenaten

  1. Thanks for sharing and for following. While in UK a communicator said you may know me as Nefertiti but my name was actually Neferishi. Does that ring a bell with you Jeannette? Love, David

    • Hello again David!
      I went to your website and I find that our energies seem to be seamless. I feel a Soul connection to you in The Family of Light. It has not been revealed to me at this time what exactly our interchanges have been. But there surely is a recognition there and a quickening when I saw your picture on your blog post of ‘Everyone is God’.
      We surely come from the same Royal Family of Light!!
      I AM so happy you have reached out to me and look forward to reading your posts and what may unfold from our meeting! I honor your presence and wisdom and love.

      I reside in Arizona. May I ask where you are ?
      I am on Twitter as @majah2012. Are you on Twitter?
      Also, on FB…
      So Good to meet You!!
      Blessings in The Light of The Most Radiant One!

    • Forgive me, your title is “God is Everywhere” and not as I quoted in my response to you.
      Funny I am feeling a deja vu in this writing to you…
      Also, I see that you are in Spain.

      Much Love Brother,

    • Yes, I have heard of Phillip Glass’s opera but only read and not listened to it. It was confusing to me though I have not studied it deeply. A woman had contacted me on FB who had sung a lead in his opera.. Marilyn ..(forgotten her last name)
      . I shall write you via email …

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