“How I met my Twin-Flame”



One never knows when or who or why one’s Twin-Flame comes into their lives, but it surely becomes revealed once the encounter has occurred, and on every level of one’s Being!

For my story, it begins like this. It seemed that the waters had parted when preparing to attend a weeklong Ascension Activation Workshop at an Ashtar Command Center in Sedona. Schedules were cleared on all fronts and a gentleman from San Francisco had signed up to attend the course and was in need of a place to stay in Sedona, for which I had plenty of room to accommodate him.

He and his wife arrived two days before the workshop, though she stayed overnight on the first night only to get back to her duties in Texas. (yes, she lived in Texas, he lived in San Francisco..but it gets even more interesting as the story goes 🙂

As I met them in the foyer in my condominium, I was immediately taken with Richard’s presence.  And what a glorious, shining presence it was! The sensations which came over me were of awe and a stupendous awareness of encountering someone pure and holy. I reeled in my 3rd dimensional womanly responses to such a manly presence as to the respect of he being married and his lovely wife standing right beside him, after all. I found myself activated with tremendous awareness of every aspect of worldly and other-worldly sensations throughout my body and consciousness.

Okay, so get a grip. J We have a whole week ahead of us and this will be a remarkable adventure! You are having a spiritual encounter and you are a spiritual being I kept telling myself.  And we are in fact here to partake of the First Wave of Ascension, and so it begins already right in my foyer!

Richard’s wife left the following day and all got settled in. We began to discuss our mundane as well as spiritual experiences and shared our love of the Ashtar Command as well as the Ascended Masters. We laughed, we shared, and we ate together the meals I had prepared. The meals I tried to prepare I should say. I found myself almost giddy, humming, happy in a joy which I had not known to be so natural, so complete! A lot of love was given to those meals while I tried to keep myself in balance in what spices to put where. J

On the morning of the third day as we were having our coffee together before heading to the Command Center, I found myself standing next to him while he sat in a recliner. We were talking about ‘something’ when out of the blue came a Divine Ray into the Crown and Heart chakras of each of us, Activating our Twin-Flame awareness of one another. How can one speak to such an advent, but I will try. We embraced in the Divine Love of the recognition of one another! Every feeling, every awareness of Eternity and our journey throughout ‘time’ was had in that moment. We cried in the remembrance, and we were at once filled in the Gratitude for finding one another again as well. It was overwhelming and yet the most natural and complete wholeness one could understand in its Sacred Purpose.

I could see all his journeys in time, what he did, the many missions, the many forms, the many names he was known by, even unto unlimited dimensions and quite other-worldly forms. While he was on Mission, I was as well. Our Sacred Purpose took us everywhere in Eternity. And now we were coming to our Omega. We were done. And so in our Completion we would join once again to return to the Source of All That Is.

For purposes only in the length of writing, I will conclude that my Beloved lived in a reality of Polygamy, and for myself, Monogamy. One of his wives had painted a portrait of me a few weeks before Richard came into my life, never having met me. Each of his wives wanted to welcome me with open arms and one had even over-nighted a book on the Polygamous lifestyle to me.

For this part of my Twin-Flame encounter all my inner work of earthly and human limitations were put to the test.  One cannot be owned by another in All That Is, we can only LOVE. The JOY remains, for THAT is what is REAL in Eternity.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our Sacred Purpose is;

Playing and Creating, in that order. ❤ J


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