The Heart of ON and The Serpent Bearer

The Heart of ON ❤

The Calling

serpent bearerThe Heart of ON and The Serpent Bearer

The heart of ON is found in the Intergalactic Human; Known as Christ, Buddha, Muhammad.

We are the Cosmology of the Heavens beyond the Universe.

Our Inter-Galactic Time could be found upon our Return through Ophichius,
The Serpent-Bearer at the Portal of Galactic Center
@26 degrees Sagittarius on 12-12-12; 12-21-12.

Our Thirteenth Constellation has been left out of Calendars for a very long time.

12 months; 12 Signs; 12 in our Zodiac; while the mystery of the 13th was covered up.

We can now see our Solar awareness in the 12 within our Galactic Awareness through the 13th.

It is the Portal to the very Center of our Milky Way Galaxy;

The 3rd Dimensional Earth has been governed by 12 and Time.

The Myth of Time and Man is the 12:60 time-beam of which we can awaken from in Ophicihus,
our 13th…

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