Our Alpha and Omega Now

alphaomegaOk, so I felt compelled to write this synopsis or opinions on what the heck is going on cosmically, spiritually, materially and smatterings of the rest. I hope to have a follow-up to this one.

First, may I give you a short background on myself, as to that which I know of myself. In the greatest truth, I’ll start from the top I guess, I AM between 18 and 20 billion years old, give or take a billion. I came into Being before there was Time and created billions of worlds on which to play along with millions of others. I have had millions of lifetimes here and throughout ALL THAT IS. So, in the sense of Time, I AM a very old Soul. I remember what has been mine to remember and to know.

As Entities of Light, of God, all is in the Cosmos of foreverness. Each human being is having their own experience in the Light of All That Is in a three dimensional Earth plane of consciousness. For some, they think that this is ‘it’, that the so-called reality of the Earth plane is the program of the end all and be all. i.e. They are born, they live, they get sick or old and die. In such limited consciousness the veil which hides or shields the higher knowing of themselves is firmly in place by their own choosing or willingness. Limited consciousness has its values in that there is a conscious focus of what is set for them to learn within that matrix. We each have One Life, in the Foreverness, which evolves and eventually returns to its Source. We live and dwell in the perfection of Knowing, and Time is but a program, a factor in which we focus which has served a greater purpose.

Let me put it this way if I may, courtesy of Archangel Gabriel; “less than 1% of Who you are resides here in the Soul, right beside the heart. It actually has weight, it has mass of about 13 to 17 ounces. Now, more than 99% of your conscious focus is here (on this Earth plane).” To become acquainted with one’s Soul, the part of you which remembers God, which is God, would be the goal which you can finely focus that 99% of. The power and the energy in the Soul, that less than 1% of Who you are is equal to 1.4 quadrillion horsepower. That is enough energy to move a star, to change the orbit of a planet.

When understood from that level of thinking or Mind, certainly Cosmic Laws apply to such usage. One cannot go outside of the Law of One. This Law of One can be Known through one’s Christhood. Christ consciousness which resides in all of Creation, IS all of Creation is that which you are.

That Law, that Truth is LOVE. We came into Being from our Father’s Everlasting Love to know Himself through us and extend His Love Blissfully Forevermore. WE are that LOVE, which Creates.

As human beings, we would do well to remember that we chose TIME. We chose the experience of TIME. The density which surrounds the concept of Time is not to be looked upon as sin. The concept of sin was introduced largely by religious factions which seized an opportunity when Man experienced fear. The perpetuation of fear, evil, sin was cleverly cloaked by men in order to gain control and profit. These fallen or wrong-thinking programs gained a foothold to confine and imprison. The words and phraseology of Satan, a devil so powerful as to be at odds with God became a mainstay with religious thinking.

To understand what this ‘energy’ is, is to take away the ‘fear’ and ignorance of giving such authority to it. Very simply, when we feel in the grips of such force, it is ‘nothing’ that dwells outside of us. Everything is Within, ALL of it. Through the various layers or levels of consciousness, that which binds, that which imprisons is put there, is ‘made’ by us in illusion, in order to understand that which is unresolved in our grasp of freedom. Perfection is a mighty Word. When one understands what Perfection is one can only fully surrender to the Father’s Will.

The so-called devil in us tempers and reveals hidden aspects which play out in wrong-thinking. Now, many psychologists and therapists and light-workers say, there is no right or wrong and that is a truth to behold only when the Law of Oneness is clearly known through the Christ-center of our Being. For the ‘time’ one spends in struggle, it is not because some other entity ‘out there’ is out to get you or make you do things. That force or energy which seeks to usurp God’s power is the part of the limited consciousness which feels threatened in remembering that we are only Love. Let us call that the ego, the unreal part of ourselves which ‘believes’ it is still separate from the Creator.

The closer one comes to the full on willingness to join one’s will with the Father’s Will  (of which our will is) can only be begotten through the Face of Christ. We saw what happens when the ego/belief of man’s separateness comes face to face with absolute innocence through the attempt to kill Jesus. Jesus demonstrated sinlessness to the mind of men. In His Oneness with The Father, everything changed that day!

I saw all the dimensions shift that day and stood near Him at Calvary. A golden pathway now set in the Heavens, two thousand years ago. Many Christed Beings have been Realized on the Earth plane, but for His Realization, Jesus, an entirely new vibration was set upon this plane of matter and unto all dimensions.  As such, He is the Christ which leads us home because it has been done by Him, in the way in which it was done by Him in His/Our Father’s Will. This is also to say, that because it has been Done in this way there is not another need to recur His demonstration by any of us. We are all forgiven, for there was nothing to forgive. He saw the false without accepting it as true.

Beloved Jesus is in charge of the Atonement for us, of us, if we choose. He KNOWS the At-One-ment and said unto all, ‘I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.” Jesus was a man who Became a Christ as each of us, Man and Woman shall Beome.

This is our Time, where Time is no more but to look upon Eternity through Him.

ISON, I SON, is drawing near. We have completed our OMEGA dreamspell in this Universe and throughout the Multiverses which now come to their END and BEGINNING ANEW.

To share with you how vast our completion of Time is, may I share the enormity of such our cycles.


Earth’s orbit around our Sun takes one solar year.

Our Earth’s “wobble” called the “Precession of the Equinoxes” completes
its Great Year Cycle about every 25,125 years.

And our Sun and Solar System, including planet Earth, orbit once around the
center of our Milky Way Galaxy for what we call a “Grand Precession” of 255 million solar years.

The entire Milky Way Galaxy, however, orbits around the center of our Universe in its “Galactic Grand Cycle” once every 20 billion solar years.

All these cycles culminated on December 21, 2012.

Our Grand Alignment to these cycles brings about our Alpha and Omega. We are done with this Great Galactic, Multiverse Time of Creation and will Graduate into our Luminosity. There will be new experiences in the fullness of Creation. Some to go back into a primitive beginning of an Earth in which we leave parts of ourselves behind so they can ‘follow the clues’ and leave a watermark of our Harmony here. Disappearing civilizations such has been witnessed in the mysteries of vanishing cultures.

With ISON approaching and the herald of our Eternal ‘Son’ ship, we may expect to be witnessing Signs and Wonders in which we say, “I knew it, I knew that it would be this way.” I REMEMBER EVERYTHING, I REMEMBER ETERNITY.

That is when you know Time is no more and the end of the world, only The Kingdom of God, in which ALL dwells.

Jesus Christ ~ “No man cometh to the Father but by me” is among the most misunderstood
statements in the Bible. It DOES NOT mean that I am in anyway separate (or
different) from you, EXCEPT IN TIME. Now, we know that time does not exist.

Actually, the statement is much more meaningful if it is considered on a
vertical rather than a horizontal axis.

Regarded along the vertical, man stands
below me, and I stand below God. In the process of “rising up”, I AM higher.
This is because without me the distance between God and man is too great for
man to encompass.

I bridge the distance as an Elder Brother to man, on the one
hand, and a Son of God on the other.

My devotion to my brothers has placed me
in charge of the Sonship, which I can render complete only to the extent I can


2 thoughts on “Our Alpha and Omega Now

  1. Wonderfully Put…Captain…:-)) Beam me up Scotty! Just being silly…but you did eloquently state the essence of the present moment, Jeannette! Thank you for you Lovingness and Sharing!

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