The Heart of ON and The Serpent Bearer

serpent bearerThe Heart of ON and The Serpent Bearer

The heart of ON is found in the Intergalactic Human; Known as Christ, Buddha, Muhammad.

We are the Cosmology of the Heavens beyond the Universe.

Our Inter-Galactic Time could be found upon our Return through Ophichius,
The Serpent-Bearer at the Portal of Galactic Center
@26 degrees Sagittarius on 12-12-12; 12-21-12.

Our Thirteenth Constellation has been left out of Calendars for a very long time.

12 months; 12 Signs; 12 in our Zodiac; while the mystery of the 13th was covered up.

We can now see our Solar awareness in the 12 within our Galactic Awareness through the 13th.

It is the Portal to the very Center of our Milky Way Galaxy;

The 3rd Dimensional Earth has been governed by 12 and Time.

The Myth of Time and Man is the 12:60 time-beam of which we can awaken from in Ophicihus,
our 13th Constellation..

Ophicihus is neither beast nor fowl, but Man. He greets us in our
Portal of Destiny in Galactic Center.

He shows us that we’ve completed the Myth. As we look with Ophichius,
he barely holds the enormous Serpent that had coiled around Him.

The Serpent raises it’s mammoth Head High and opens its large gaping mouth,
uncoiling its strength in becoming Enraptured,

Its forked-tongue hangs down beside its Blissful Head, Held powerless to speak.
A Glorious Crown then appears Above its head.

The Serpent is Glorified in Eternal Bliss as Ophichius greets Man in the Myth;

Ophichius then turns his willing gaze toward His next Call of adventure.
the separate self is no longer seen in Time.

Only The Awakening to The Holy Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

bring us back to Our Garden and The Tree of Life!

Blavatsky often spoke of the serpent initiates or wisdom serpents who were initiators of knowledge and carried forward and synthesized the unitary knowledge of the previous root races.

“Serpent initiates are the ones who remember the previous world systems and explosions of reality. They incarnate or emanate at different times in specific places to lift the human species into higher realms.  Their appearance and diverse manifestations are all part of a unified Plan that spans the cycles of history.” Book of the Initiation (Cosmic History Vol. 4)

In LaKech’ (I AM another, yourself.)

Prepare for the New Beam!  (Nature=Truth) HEAVEN ON EARTH.

Red Queen on behalf of Valum Votan/Galactic Research Institute
Planetary Moon 8: Rhythmic Wizard year. Kin 213, Red Overtone Skywalker.

From Red Queen

(2009-2013), the final four-year bundle of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law. It is a momentous year, when the Great Cycle Closes and the new cycle begins.

Moons 1-5 complete the last of the 7 Lost Generations of Pacal Votan that began in the Crystal Moon of the Rhythmic Wizard year. Note that the seven last whole moons of 2012 = 7 Lost Generations of Telektonon of Pacal Votan.

In the sixth moon of this year the Earth passes out of the 5,125-year galactic synchronization beam. The purpose of the beam is to place Earth in synchronization with the universal plan for cosmic unification.

The peak point of the synchronization occurs Rhythmic Moon 9, Kin 207. (Careful attention should be paid to the 7:7::7:7 practices based on the four sets of fractal time compression cycles which hold keys to the closing of the cycle).

Following the Rhythmic “Moon Out of Time,” there is a seven moon (216-day) entrainment in the beam that completes itself on Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed, 26 July 2013.

Also in terms of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law, this year we complete the final stage of the four-year Seed-Storm bundle, 2009-2013, referred to as:

One Mystic Altar within the Mystic Stone – TELEKTONON

In the formula of the Riddle of the Stone, the spiritual cosmic evolutionary key to the four years of the Mystic Altar lies in the formula of the magical word TEL-EK-TON-ON. It is this mantric code that creates the mystic altar of time. The mystic stone is the new foundation of universal time that underlies the noosphere.

  1. TEL      – 4 Seed year, 2009-2010, Power of the Distant Seers – Skywalker Cube 13.
  2. EK      – 5 Moon year, 2010-2011, Power of the Star Born to Remember – Wizard Cube      14.
    Seven Years Mystery of the Stone complete—Restoration of cosmic memory      to the noosphere.
  3. TON      – 6 Wizard year, 2011-2012, Power of Sound to Become Vision – Eagle Cube      15 – First Alpha stage of UR, miraculous powers and abilities begin to      return.
  4. ON      – 7 Storm year, 2012-2013, 144,000 cubed within – Warrior Cube 16 – Second      Omega stage of UR, entrainment of the new cosmology of the Cube,      redemption of the ratio interval of 7 as the dawning of the 7th Day of      Creation, triumph of the noosphere.

It is important to understand that the word TEL-EK-TON-ON is a magical mantric formula. This mantric formula vibrates through the four years of the Mystic Altar as the intonation of the Hunab Ku, the final hyper-sound generated by the 5,125-year synchronization beam. It is this sound that provides the resonant quickening for the quantum shift of the Harmonic Convergence 2012.

The Riddle of the Stone continues after the intonation of the word TEL-EK-TON-ON with the following invocation, essential to understanding the wholly spiritual nature of the final four-year cycle of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law:

Six seers listen
While the seventh utters
The name far distant star born
Bound by no god but the ONE
Whose name is beyond knowing

The name far distant star born is of course TEL-EK-TON-ON. Those who are listening to this intonation are the six seers – the three special messengers of the Awakening: Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad; and the three special voices: Padmasambhava, St. John of Patmos and Quetzalcoatl. The seventh that intones the distant star born name is Pacal Votan.

The Resonant Storm year is thus coded by the last mantric syllable “ON”, the indestructible power of the 144,000 within the Cube: New Heaven, New Earth, Divine Self-Perfection. With the mantra “ON”, we evoke the indestructible power of the 144,000 within the Cube.

Through the Planetary Manitou the 144,000 cubed within the cube of their own divine self-perfection walk simply on the Earth as wizards of a time now unknown to all but them.

The Planetary Manitou is the self-realized world soul that pervades the natural world, the Noosphere. It represents the wiring of the galactic brain on earth and the psi bank which activates and “lights up” because of conscientious activity that connects together the star bundles, the runes the codons, etc.  This entire program has for its purpose the laying of the foundation for a fundamental reorganization of the mind—everything is a function of a mathematical harmonic or order.

This 144,000 within the cube completes the final year of the final cycle of self-perfection in the 13:20 timing frequency. Note that if you add up all the codon values of the four quadrants of the four UR runes, they equal 144. (24 + 32 + 40 + 48 = 144!)

Now is the time to apply everything you know like never before; purify the body and mind and return to the simplicity of the organic order and the universal rhythms of 13:20 time. This year we are called to exert in the telepathic practices that we began in the Self-Existing Seed Year.

The purpose of these practices is: 1) To strengthen the telepathic Earth network – the goal of the CREST13, and 2) To establish extra-terrestrial communication, that is, to connect with the galactic intelligence that encompasses the solar-terrestrial psycho-magnetic field.

This year completes the final activation of the Nine Great Lha or Bolontiku, the Nine Lords of Time that guard the tomb of Pacal Votan, the whole earth and the new time. Each one guards a power of the divine perfection in the unconscious during the years 2004-2013.

This year we awaken the ninth great Lha, Primordial Knowing Body Lha, the one who closes the cycle as the Rainbow of Universal Wisdom and activates Shambhalla on Earth.

The ninth and final Great Lha brings the message:

“The old ways are over. The aeon is passing. The solar age of the Sixth Sun of consciousness, the noosphere, is dawning. We are not I but we are one. We are in the new way of the cosmic Earth.”

Message from Valum Votan for 7 Storm year:

We must energetically now leave the old behind us. Its habits, ways of life, intoxicating illusions and seductions are like a pile of dead leaves, which at the right moment will be caught up by a cyclone to be swirled and dispersed forever. Don’t be swept along with the old when this wind arises! Purify now!

Note: The 216-day cycle (22 Dec. – 26 July) is a time of planetary spiritual unification and integration.

This is the time that will form a new evolutionary embryonic being, that will germinate for seven mystic moons (Moons 7-13), before giving birth to itself on July 26, 2013 with the Return of the People of OMA (Original Matrix Attained) and launching of Timeship Earth 2013. These seven moons occur altogether within the 216-day cycle of the cubing of the Earth.

July 29th was The Star of David and
Diamond Tetrahedron surrounding the Earth..cubing of the Earth.)
 (see Galactic Spiral Density
Wave and 2012: The Final Cycles of Transformation


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